Bermuda, July 2014

Bermuda, July 2014

Pulp - Common People

Bermuda, July 2014

Over the Mid-Atlantic | Z. Urbina

Illuminati behind it all? HAARP controlling the weather? Suspicious activity at the Denver International Airport?

Find out the facts, truth, and science of conspiracy theories in this tell-all interview by yours truly.

I gave this interview via a Skype phone call while walking around in downtown Hamilton, Bermuda. There’s something so weird and great about debunking conspiracy theories from within the Bermuda triangle.- ZU

John Singer Sargent

Raiders of the Los Ark screening by Cinespia @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery | photo by Z. Urbina

Douglas House | © | LOOP

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Clyde Tombaugh, age 24. Kansan. Astronomer. Discoverer of Pluto.

Pay up | by Z. Urbina

Music Hall, the Spring Auditorium, home of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Michael Carson

There is no masterpiece that has not an aggressive character.

Manifesto of Futurism (1909)

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